What will Back from the Brink do?

LADYBIRD SPIDER (Eresus cinnaberinus) male
In Engalnd this extremely rare spider has a habitat confined to a quarter acre patch in Dorset, while the male only appears above ground for a few days in Spring.
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We are working with landowners, land managers, volunteers and communities across 20 projects, inspiring people to get involved.

Our Projects

Addressing the needs of threatened species where they live

  • Adding Diversity to Dorset’s Heaths
    – We’ll restore and expand vital places to help Dorset’s specialist threatened species.
    – We’ll provide action, advice and share skills detailing what these species need.
    – We’ll celebrate heathlands, deepening people’s engagement with this fascinating landscape.
  • Ancients of the Future
    – We’ll work where the most ancient “veteran” trees are found, focussing on the wide range of specialist species they support.
    – We’ll learn more about how to conserve them, working with different groups of people cultivating a greater understanding of their value.
  • Colour in the Margins
    – We’ll work where our most precious farmland wildlife is found, including Cornwall, Somerset, Wessex, the North Downs, Devon, Norfolk and the Yorkshire Wolds.
    – We’ll bring back locally extinct species and inspire people about their cultural legacy
    – We’ll create lasting partnerships between landowners and volunteers, empowered to help a range of wildlife.
  • Cotswolds Limestone Grassland
    – We’ll restore a network of limestone grassland sites that support a range of threatened species bringing the Large Blue and Marsh Fritillary butterflies to new sites and inspire people to help save them.
  • Gems in the Dunes – Saving Sefton’s Threatened Wildlife
    – Management at priority sites will aid the recovery of key species.
    – We’ll train and empower volunteers across the Sefton Coast to help and inspire local communities to discover, value and act for their natural heritage
  • Restoring Rockingham Forest’s Species
    – We’ll restore and manage 11 woodland sites, increasing the distribution and awareness of target species.
    – We’ll reintroduce the Chequered Skipper butterfly to England.
    – We’ll provide opportunities to volunteer.
  • Shifting Sands – Securing a Future for the Brecks
    – Manage Breckland grass heaths and create an open forest corridor network.
    – We’ll improve the conservation methods for key Breckland plant species
    – We’ll inform and inspire volunteers, landowners and managers about threatened species in the Brecks.

Our Species Recovery Projects
We will carry out focused work to conserve the following threatened species:

  • Barberry Carpet Moth
  • Black-Tailed Godwit
  • Grey Long-Eared Bat
  • Lesser Butterfly Orchid
  • Cornish Path Moss
  • Field Cricket
  • Ladybird Spider
  • Little Whirlpool Ramshorn Snail
  • Narrow-headed Ant
  • Pine Marten
  • Shrill Carder Bee
  • Willow Tit

Inspiring a nation…
…to discover, value and act for threatened species

  • Film festival and a community arts programme and exhibition
  • Land management training
  • Individual giving programme
  • A day with an expert – behind the scenes tours
  • Millennium Seedbank collection
  • Volunteer mentoring programme